Spring Home Inspiration 2017

      Spring is the time for new beginnings and new ideas! At Woodwaves we are always looking forward to how we can bring the latest in functional, visually pleasing furniture as well as the most current trending interior design inspirations!

      Millennials, small spaces and social media are redefining and influencing the way everything is created including furniture! As we will continue to see, moving forward, the ‘era’ of multi functional furniture, space saving and clutter reducing remedies is booming. There is an ever increasing need to save space as well as use it for more than one function. Woodwaves continues to innovate it’s unique floating furniture line as we introduce new designs with endless possibilities. Keep an eye out for two of our latest floating designs debuting early May 2017. The first design is inspired by mid century modern style and the other is inspired by the increasingly popular farmhouse style complete with a barn door! As always these latest designs can be incorporated into small and large spaces!

     Why sacrifice style for function when you can have both? Choose your color, piece, what function you would like it to serve and then build upon your interior style from there.

     The Pantone color of the year is greenery which can be subtly or boldly incorporated into your décor scheme. Bringing a hint of the outdoors in with a splash of green brings a sense of serenity and nature. In the small space incorporating faux plants such as succulents can give a quick, easy and budget friendly way to inspire a fresh ambiance in your home.

     Jewel tones are gaining traction and are a beautiful way to incorporate style into your design. Woodwaves rug selection is always mirroring the current trends and we offer a beautiful selection of bohemian style rugs in various patterns and jewel tones. If replacing a rug is not practical in your situation there is always the option of a new throw and or pillows.

     Small changes in your space won’t break the bank so always think out of the box. A renovation is not always the answer, or even an option in most cases, when you are living in a small space especially if it is a rental. Adding another layer of texture or art can distract from a feature of your space that may be less than pleasing. Wall tapestries in various patterns, colors and textures are a fun and simple way to add texture and create a visually inviting design!

     At Woodwaves we love to inspire and create! Check out and follow us on our Instagram, pinterest and facebook to see what inspires us and what you can use to inspire your space to make it your own! Whether you are on your mobile phone or tablet we strive to make your shopping experience a pleasant one! Our rewards program is a great way to earn while you shop and gain points towards future purchases! Stay connected by signing up for email updates of our latest promotions and offerings! If you have a question give us a call, email or chat with us online we would love to hear from you!


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