Modern White and Navy Plaid Luxury Soft Alpaca and Sheep Wool Throw Blanket

White and Navy Plaid Wool Throw Blanket

The Inca Stones throw collection is inspired by the Inca stones, perfectly fitted stone blocks in the famous Inca buildings. The pattern looks like a stone mosaic.

This designer throw blanket features a modern plaid style with beautiful tones. Made by Elvang Denmark, a design-oriented high-quality textiles company combining Scandinavian design with one of the world’s finest fibers from the Peruvian alpaca. The result is stylish and modern products made with pride and integrity.

From its beginnings, Elvang Denmark has deliberately chosen to maintain its production in Peru, maintaining commitment and engagement with the Peruvians and their tradition and expertise of weaving textiles of alpaca wool.

Material: 50% Alpaca Wool, 40% Sheep Wool & 10% Microfiber

Approximate Weight: 1.25 lbs

Size: 51 x 79 Inches

Dry clean only