Reclaimed Wood Hot Chocolate / Coffee Serving Board Christmas Gift

Reclaimed Wood Serving Board Christmas Gift

Limited Quantity Available!

This is a unique and a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of wood!  This small rare avocado wood serving board is versatile and perfect for serving your favorite hot chocolate, coffee or tea!  

It also functions as a serving board for cookies, pastries and as a mini cheese platter. Accompanying your serving board is a festive red mug, a single premium serving hot chocolate packet and one wooden Christmas Tree Ornament in a mini stocking! Each gift comes wrapped in a vintage style brown paper package with a plaid ribbon.  

Each serving board will vary in size, shape and color due to the live edge nature of this historic wood. This 40+ year old tree served its original life as an Avocado tree in a California grove. It supplied America with Hass Avocados for decades.



Red Mug

Premium Hot Chocolate Packet (May Vary From Photo)

Reclaimed Serving Board

White or Red Colored Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament

Miniature Christmas Stocking

Rustic Gift Wrapping


The wood board can be maintained using food safe butcher block oil and/or conditioner. 

Approximate Dimensions of Board: 10"W x 6"D x 1 1/2"H 

Serving Board Handmade in California

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