Flat Tambour (Maple)

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FT-SERIES Flat Tambour (Maple) SL=Slat Length

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Thank you

I was delighted to find the Woodwaves site! Woodwaves provides just what I was looking for - a way for the layperson easily to have tamboured doors of custom dimensions!

The site offers a wide choice of woods and styles of slat. One chooses the size that is the correct one, if available, or a size a little larger, to trim easily in either or both directions, using the instructions given, to the exact dimensions needed. Instructions are also given for 1) easily making the track, and 2) various ways to finish the wood (staining, painting, clear-coating, etc.).

I ordered 2 doors with the flat maple-slat. The wood and the workmanship are beautiful!! The backing looks to be (and is described in detail) very good and very well applied. It is not visible from the front..

I have not yet installed the doors, but foresee no problems, and am very much looking forward to getting them into use.