June 12, 2017


April 11, 2017


Live Edge with a Story

Live Edge Slab Coffee Table           

Live edge furniture are pieces of history that are given a second life and truly stand the test of time! The influencer of this ‘movement,’ George Nakashima, began creating tables leaving the natural edge of the tree during the 1940’s. Live edge furniture continues to go strong as we, recently, have seen it making it’s way into several design genres. People are returning to the love of nature as they decorate their homes with natural and organic décor and materials. The natural edge piece is a perfect compliment to this ‘return to nature’ as it is an extension of the outdoors!

            At Woodwaves we have committed ourselves to repurposing tree stumps and continuing the live edge tradition! Avocado wood is a beautiful yet rarely used wood. When avocado trees grow to high it is necessary to prune them. Instead of using the wood as kindling we create one of a kind works of art! But the story does not stop there. These unique natural edge pieces of avocado wood are taken from trees that supplied the USA with avocados for 40 years! Each piece is meticulously hand crafted with hours of work and attention to detail!

            No two pieces of avocado wood furniture are the same. The beauty and shape of each piece is as nature intended it! These reclaimed pieces are close to our hearts, here at Woodwaves, and we take pride in every piece that is presented in our store. The live edge pieces are made in small batches as a lot of time and patience go into their creation! A new batch has just arrived and we are preparing to present them to you! Keep an eye out for our latest pieces coming out in the next couple of weeks!

April 03, 2017


July 25, 2016


Small Space Solutions.... "Custom Interior Style for a Fraction of the Cost"

Living in a small space can be challenging and often times I wonder…where will I put ‘this?’ Woodwaves has created, and is continually creating, innovative ways to organize your space whether it is small or big! We shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and simple luxuries due to a lack of space!

The newest members of our family are the Floating Fireplace units. Just as our floating entertainment centers are modular the fireplace can be mounted in a variety of configurations along side our classic Eco Geo Collection. There is the single firebox which can be purchased alone or along with our Eco Geo units! We also have a double unit, which is a fireplace on one side and a media cabinet on the other!

Space saving possibilities are endless with these contemporary wall mounted pieces. Our Eco Geo Units effortlessly float on your wall while keeping your media equipment, books, or really anything you desire to stow away, out of sight! You have the ability to create the illusion of a clutter free space without sacrificing your affinity to style!

Personally, I love the floating fireplaces, as I do not have a fireplace in my ‘small space,’ this is a perfect and stylish solution! An extra perk is that the electric fireplace also has a heating unit, which can be switched on and off! You can quickly heat a small room and turn it off- space saver, aesthetically pleasing and keeps you warm! If you’re like me and you love to rearrange furniture these pieces can be moved and easily repurposed to accommodate your current needs. Whether you need an entertainment center with a fireplace, a single fireplace in your bedroom with a standalone Eco Geo Side unit for a nightstand or even a floating end table then this collection is for you!

There are to many possibilities to mention so go to our website and check out our modern and trendy fireplace units: http://www.woodwaves.com/collections/wall-mountable-tv-stands?page=2 Take a look at our ever popular Eco Geo Collection and realize your interior design dreams with a custom built in look for a fraction of the cost! http://www.woodwaves.com/search?type=product&q=eco+geo


May 23, 2016


Summer 2016 Essentials

May is upon us! School is letting out and summer festivities have begun! What are some easy, simple essentials to give your home a quick makeover for summer?

Lets start with your furniture!   Do you have some pieces that are looking drab or dated? If you aren’t planning to replace the items just yet, then give them a facelift!  At Woodwaves we have great accents such as our quality Alpaca Wool Throws! The throws are thin enough not to look heavy in the summer and we offer a variety of bright colors that will give your space a crisp and fresh ambiance for the summer season! Just drape them on your couch, accent chairs or bed for a quick fix with little effort!  Not enough? Just add a couple of our Alpaca Pillow Shams over your old pillows!

If you are in need of new furnishings look no further! A small change can make all of the difference! The coffee table is usually directly in the center of your space and everyone’s eyes are drawn to it when we congregate towards the center of a room! Our beautiful live edge coffee tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! Each piece is handmade in California and no two tables are the same! A simple coffee table swap can make a world of difference. The beauty and uniqueness of the table makes an instant visual impact on a space! Natural quality left from the tree is visually refreshing and brings the essence of the outdoors into your home! What a perfect change not only for summer but all year! These timeless pieces fit into any décor style and are sure to impress your summer guests!  

Just need a quick upgrade on party accessories? Kick it up a notch with some new handmade wine glasses, each one is unique and carefully crafted! Instead of serving your cheese, fruit, crackers and meats on a plane plate upgrade to one of our avocado wood cheese boards! Are your champagne buckets a little bit plain? Try one of our trendy Champagne buckets that double as a perfect table accessory as well! To create a beautiful and easy spread for your guests, just upgrade some of your serving ware, throw in some of our trendy candles, add a couple of our cement pots with your favorite succulent or flower and just like that you have made over your summer party spread!

Here at Woodwaves we are always creating and seeking quality furniture, décor and accessories to make your home unique and your own! Keep an eye out for more of our beautiful furniture creations and unique finds coming out all of the time! We wish you a happy summer! And remember a small change can make a huge impact!

February 26, 2016


Spring 2016

Spring is on it’s way and new products are coming with it!  Here at Woodwaves we are working to design and offer you the most unique, innovative and original products!  New live Edge Coffee Tables and Benches have been introduced and more are on their way!  Avocado Wood is not commonly used in making furniture and each live edge piece is hand made right here in California!  Also, making it’s debut this year, is our Vintage Collection.  There are three finish options to choose from!  First, there is the Driftwood Gray which is perfect for a contemporary feel with just enough vintage style to create a beautiful showpiece in your home!  Second, there is the Vintage Dark in a beautiful classic style dark finish emitting a traditional old world ambiance with a modern twist!  And Finally, there is the Antiqued White finish! Just having made it’s debut, this console is a beautiful representation of a timeworn antique piece of furniture! The Antiqued White finish is the perfect addition to a cottage or farmhouse styled home!  Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and new products coming out all of the time!!

November 19, 2015


The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

The holiday season is upon us!  Right now at Woodwaves we are creating and choosing unique items and accessories perfect for any holiday party or event!  Check out our beautiful handmade avocado wood wine serving boards complete with 4 wine glasses! Our beautiful natural edge cheese boards are always a hit whether you are giving it as a gift or throwing a holiday party in your home!  Remember, we have all of the accessories you need to complete your spread from cheese markers, to hand crafted wine glasses, champagne buckets, fromage bakers and so much more!  

Can’t find a unique gift for the person who has everything? Look no further!  Our brand new Jewelry boxes are one of a kind made with rare avocado wood right here in California!  Need something extra special?  Our live edge coffee tables, benches and sofa tables never fail to impress!  Some of our newest additions include authentic alpaca and wool throws and pillows and handmade organic goat’s milk and honey soaps straight out of California!  Keep an eye out for new and unique gifts!

September 29, 2015


Fall Has Arrived!!

Fall has arrived and with the season comes our latest additions to the Wall Mounted Console Family! First, there is the Lotus Collection.  This three piece modular console is very contemporary. The Lotus features long slats which evenly sculpture the front of the console creating a chic clean look while still retaining a rustic feel made with solid oak and beautiful oak veneers in a russet brown finish.  There are a variety of options for the Lotus whether you prefer it wall mounted or with legs the options are many. You can use your own creativty when arranging the console in whichever configuration fits your personal style needs! The Vintage Console is our next new addition and it does not dissapoint!  If you are looking for a rustic old world piece then look no further!  The Vintage has a beautiful distressed gray finish yet retains a French Manor Style elegance!  This console is offered as wall mounted to give that modern twist with a vintage appeal and is also offered with legs; giving the illusion of having a unique antique piece in your living room!  Whatever your design needs require these new floating consoles can be styled to your hearts desire! 

August 09, 2015


Modern Art Stonehenge Lamp

Live Edge Reclaimed Table Lamp - Stonehenge

June 17, 2015


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