July 31, 2014

New Modern TV Stands

The newest members of the Woodwaves family, Terra Mar and Cardiff, have just arrived fresh off of the assembly line!

Time, care and several drafts crossed the drawing board before these final designs came into fruition. These pieces were made with the enthusiast in mind who designs their space carefully to execute and achieve their specific vision! 

We offer wall mountable versions for those who are looking for a sleek built-in look. We also offer a legged version where the legs can be placed either on the inside towards the middle or on the outside towards the edge of the console! 

Just because we can; two sets of doors are included for variety!  One set includes the clove finish and the other is in a glossy white finish! The interchangeable doors easily slide to reveal two storage spaces for dvds, cds, speakers or any other gadgets you prefer to conceal.

The white set of doors can be easily scuff sanded and painted in whatever color suits your style.  This can be convenient for change of season or even holidays for the decor enthusiast who loves to color scheme the entire home!