November 19, 2019

Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner, have you thought about how you're going to decorate?

Here at Woodwaves we like to show decor ideas for all types of styles. Whether you're more Christmas traditional or Christmas modern, we have the products and tips to help make your vision a reality!

Get the look

Using our Eco Geo Lakewood Grey Fireplace, we took a modern approach to holiday decor. Utilizing lighter colored pieces to help offset the subtle pop of color from the plaid red rug.

Shop the items:

  1. Countdown to Santa
  2. Log Holder
  3. Eco Geo Lakewood Fireplace
  4. Woodwaves Mug
  5. Beige Shag Pillow
  6. Red Plaid Rug
  7. White Faux Fur Rug


If you're more into the brightly colored Christmas decor, don't worry, we have you covered there as well! By simply switching out a few of the items, you can achieve a more vivid look.

We switched out the white stockings for colored ones to add warmth and changed the white wall art for the bright "JOY" sign. Those small changes immediately transformed the dynamic of the room and gave it a jolly vibe.

Shop the items:

  1. JOY Sign
  2. Log Holder
  3. Eco Geo Lakewood Fireplace
  4. Red Plaid Rug
  5. White Faux Fur Rug
  6. Car Pillow
  7. Throw Blanket

The throw blanket can be used around the base of the tree, and for an added pop of color, the Christmas car pillow can be placed on top.

No matter your style, there are ways to use our decor to your benefit and to best fit your vision.

Which one is more you?

Let us know in the comments!