April 11, 2017

Live Edge with a Story

Live Edge with a Story

Live Edge Slab Coffee Table           

Live edge furniture are pieces of history that are given a second life and truly stand the test of time! The influencer of this ‘movement,’ George Nakashima, began creating tables leaving the natural edge of the tree during the 1940’s. Live edge furniture continues to go strong as we, recently, have seen it making it’s way into several design genres. People are returning to the love of nature as they decorate their homes with natural and organic décor and materials. The natural edge piece is a perfect compliment to this ‘return to nature’ as it is an extension of the outdoors!

            At Woodwaves we have committed ourselves to repurposing tree stumps and continuing the live edge tradition! Avocado wood is a beautiful yet rarely used wood. When avocado trees grow to high it is necessary to prune them. Instead of using the wood as kindling we create one of a kind works of art! But the story does not stop there. These unique natural edge pieces of avocado wood are taken from trees that supplied the USA with avocados for 40 years! Each piece is meticulously hand crafted with hours of work and attention to detail!

            No two pieces of avocado wood furniture are the same. The beauty and shape of each piece is as nature intended it! These reclaimed pieces are close to our hearts, here at Woodwaves, and we take pride in every piece that is presented in our store. The live edge pieces are made in small batches as a lot of time and patience go into their creation! A new batch has just arrived and we are preparing to present them to you! Keep an eye out for our latest pieces coming out in the next couple of weeks!